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Choice of Hotel Disposable Toothbrushes(Part 2)

Oct. 30, 2020

3. How to distinguish toothbrush bristles?

The shape of the toothbrush head is not smooth, has sharp angles, or the toothbrush bristles have sharp angles, burrs, etc., which may cause damage to the oral soft tissues and tooth surface. Generally speaking, the disposable toothbrushes provided by hotels are divided into nylon tufted toothbrushes, sharpened toothbrushes, and special toothbrushes. According to the strength of the toothbrush, it can be divided into three types: soft hair, medium hair, and hard hair. Among them, soft toothbrushes are slightly higher in cost and better in quality. When purchasing, you can feel the feel of the toothbrush bristles.

4. Check whether it is from a regular manufacturer

It is understood that the disposable toothbrushes supplied to the hotel should meet the requirements of hygiene, safety, and physical performance. In terms of hygiene, disposable toothbrushes must be packaged. The bristles, handle and head of the toothbrush should not be discolored. All parts of the toothbrush should be clean and free of dirt. In terms of safety, the shape of the toothbrush head and the tail shape of the handle have relevant regulations to prevent unnecessary damage to the mouth, hands, or other parts. The content of heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, and lead in the toothbrush is not allowed to exceed the standard, otherwise, it will cause harm to the human body. In addition, the top profile of the monofilament of the toothbrush bristles must have sharp corners removed and there should be no burrs. The toothbrush must be polished to prevent damage to the soft tissues of the mouth and the surface of the teeth.

Distinguish Toothbrush

5. The toothbrush should be a little softer, but not too soft. Because the brush that is too soft will not clean, and it will hurt the teeth if it is too hard.

Consider the following aspects:

(1) The size of the toothbrush head: According to the regulations of the American Dental Association, the length of the toothbrush head should be 2.5~3 cm, the width should be 0.8~1 cm, there are 2~4 rows of bristles, each row of 5~12 bundles of bristles, toothbrush head The front end should be round and blunt. These regulations are for people to refer to when choosing a toothbrush.

(2) The hardness of the bristles: Generally, it can be divided into three types: soft, neutral, and hard. Normally, a toothbrush with neutral hardness is more suitable. When buying a toothbrush, you can press the bristles with your fingers. If your fingers feel tingling, it means that they are too hard. At present, the bristles of commercially available toothbrushes are mostly nylon bristles. The elasticity, uniformity, and hardness of nylon bristles are better than pig hair toothbrushes and are more conducive to oral health.

(3) The angle between the brush head and the handle: commercially available toothbrushes have two types: linear and angular. The straight type is more powerful when used, and the angled toothbrush has a better cleaning effect on the back teeth. The angle is preferably 17 degrees to 20 degrees.

(4) Top of bristles: The top of each bristle should be round and blunt, without sharp angles, and should be felt by hand when purchasing.

The quality of toothbrushes is directly related to the oral health of the guests and reflects the quality of service of the hotel. Therefore, as a hotel purchaser, you must remember to choose carefully when buying toothbrushes.

The information is provided by the hotel amenity manufacturer.