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Development Prospects of Hotel Disposable Products Industry

Feb. 24, 2020

Hotel disposable amenities supplier to share with you: Hotel guesthouse is a popular place, people are worried about infectious diseases when they spend the night in the hotel, the provision of hotel disposable supplies is completely eliminated People's concerns in this regard. The configuration of disposable products in the hotel facilitates the guests who stay overnight in the hotel. They do not need to worry about some toiletries.

At the same time that the disposable daily necessities provided by hotels and hotels bring convenience to tourists, the amazing extravagance has become an obvious fact for everyone. Toothpaste and soap are the most serious disposable items in the hotel. Being thrown away before use up not only causes severe resource extravagance, but also causes new pollution sources to its incineration or landfill, which increases the pressure on environmental pollution management, and has a great negative impact on the full use of resources and environmental protection. From this point of view, the use of hotel disposable supplies is more harmful than beneficial.It is worth noting that many developed countries and regions in the world are using disposable hotel supplies. It is not only a big consumer of disposable disposables for hotels, but also a big producer and exporter. This cannot but arouse our reflection on this topic.

Therefore, reducing the frequency of replacing hotel disposable amenities, reducing the types of hotel disposable supplies, and working towards environmental protection have become the resonance of the hotel disposable supplies industry. Of course, to reduce the use of disposable daily necessities in hotels, it is not enough to rely on the consciousness of consumers and the self-discipline of relevant suppliers. More importantly, it is also necessary to rely on relevant government departments to find the market for disposable disposable items in the hotel. A balance point.

Hotel Disposable Amenities

Hotel Disposable Amenities

How hotels launch special services in winter

At present, the temperature is gradually lowering throughout the country, and some northern cities have even fallen below 0 degrees, and it has snowed.

Good service pays attention to the time and place, and if the hotel can adjust the service details according to seasonal changes

It can also leave a deep impression on the guests and successfully translate into a high-quality praise.

Precise marketing according to the season. When the guest consults the hotel, the hotel can seize the benefit point of the season to carry out precise marketing according to the needs of the guest.

Give heartwarming gift:

The hotel can provide warm baby for guests, especially female guests and children. At the same time, for some guests who bring their own thermos bottles, the hotel can give them some tea bags for drinking on the way. In addition, at check-out, the front desk staff can also ask guests if they have their own kettle, and need to pour hot water for them.

Give heartwarming advice:

There is a large temperature difference between day and night in winter. It is appropriate to remind guests of the local temperature. Warmly advise guests to keep warm when going out.

The room can be appropriately added with winter needs:

Do a good job of alerting guests to illness. Guests are prone to colds and colds in the fall and winter seasons, and guests are also prone to sudden illnesses during seasonal changes. The hotel can prepare some emergency items, such as Banlangen granules, warm palace stickers, masks, etc., but do not provide guests with drugs to avoid unnecessary Dispute.

Change room equipment in time:

Adjust the summer quilt of the guest room to the winter quilt in time, and remove unnecessary summer supplies in the guest room, such as mosquito repellent, etc., and add winter supplies, such as blankets, humidifiers, and air purifiers.

Pay attention to food insulation:

Hotel breakfast, especially the congee and baguette in the buffet breakfast, need to pay attention to heat preservation to avoid cooling down. Guests don't like it and find that the cold food is heated in time. In addition, the restaurant can prepare some ready-to-eat food, such as noodles, ravioli, and hot dishes.