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The Relationship between Hotel Disposable Products and Hotel Industry Development

Jun. 04, 2020

With the rapid development of the national economy, the establishment of brand image is of great importance to the survival and development of enterprises. Brand strategy has become a magic weapon for many well-known enterprises to be invincible in the market competition. Similarly, the hotel supplies industry also needs to establish its own brand image to promote its own development and marketing. The so-called brand, the definition of a well-known foreign marketing scholar is a name, appellation, symbol or design, or the sum of the above, the purpose is to differentiate their products or services from other competitors.

Many world-renowned companies often regard brand development as a priority strategy for companies to develop international markets. Create your own brand-name product, and use it as a means of market development, and eventually occupy the market. Because the comprehensive driving effect of famous brands is very huge, and the extroversion is also quite high, often after a brand of products is established, it gradually forms a series and drives the development of related supporting industries. In addition to the performance and quality of the product, there is an intangible thing that determines the selling price of the product. That is the brand of the company. As long as the quality of the selected brand has a reputation in the consumer's mind, the brand has value. Even if the price is relatively high, consumers still buy it and use its high price as a symbol of noble status. Looking back at most domestic enterprises, especially those in the hotel supplies industry, their brand awareness is relatively lacking.

Hotel disposable amenities supplier believes that the continuous development of the hotel industry is very beneficial to the hotel supplies industry. The increase in hotels will inevitably drive the development of the hotel supplies industry. The development potential of the hotel supplies industry is great, and it is not a small encouragement for the development of the hotel supplies industry.

Hotel Disposable Amenities

Hotel Disposable Amenities

Four trends in the development of hotel disposable amenities

1. Safe and healthy. The selection of Chongqing hotel supplies is of course the premise of safety and health, and the personal health and safety of guests are the first guarantee of the hotel. If the hotel chooses unhealthy hotel supplies and hurts the guests, both the guests and the hotel will suffer a great loss.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection. It is understood that a medium-sized three-star hotel consumes about 1400 tons of coal a year, and can emit at least 4200 tons of carbon dioxide, 70 tons of smoke and 28 tons of sulfur dioxide into the air, let alone a larger high-star hotel. Too. In the current trend of reducing carbon emissions, hotel energy conservation and environmental protection has become a new trend, and low-carbon hotel supplies have also been recognized by many hotel users.

3. Technological innovation. Guests come to live and enjoy the convenience and comfort. The future hotel is a high-tech smart hotel. Hotel rooms, hotel reservations, and hotel consumption will all develop in a smart direction. Intelligent supplies can make the lives of residents more convenient and more comfortable. For example, mattress products that play a decisive role in the sleeping environment have naturally become an important standard for measuring hotel comfort, and at the same time, they have become an important part of hotel procurement. Some high-tech mattress products have gradually become the "good heart" of hotel procurement directors. ".

4. Delicate and beautiful. Many consumers now believe that when buying products, if the first impression is good, the sensory impression of the product is good, which is one of the important factors that attract consumers to buy to a large extent, so the appearance of the product is very important. But in the future development, the product will be made into a work of art.