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Hotel Slipper Sole, Did You Choose The Right One?

Aug. 09, 2021

Hotel Disposable Slippers

Hotel Disposable Slippers

Hotel slippers are the most commonly used in guest room supplies because guests usually wear hotel slippers when they are in the room, so the quality of the slippers, especially the material of the sole, largely determines the comfort and slip resistance of the slippers, The impact on the guest experience is still great.

1.TPR bottom

TPR is a thermoplastic rubber material. The technology of TPR bottom is divided into soft bottom, hard floor, side seam bottom, rubber bottom, beef tendon bottom, blow molding bottom, and viscose bottom.

The advantages of TPR slippers are soft, waterproof, and have a certain degree of abrasion resistance. It feels like the rubber feel that everyone is familiar with, and there is another type that is pressed into the cloth on the basis of TPR, which increases the durability of TPR.

2.EVA bottom

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (also known as ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer) is made by copolymerizing ethylene (E) and vinyl acetate (VA).

Many people will find this kind of stranger, in fact, people who travel frequently are not strangers. Custom hotel slippers are basically made of this kind of sole.

The advantages of EVA bottom are firm, lightweight, and easy to clean.

Custom Hotel Slipper

Custom Hotel Slippers

3. Point plastic bottom

Dot plastic cloth is not very popular in China, because many people find it inconvenient and not waterproof. In fact, this kind of base is also very common in foreign countries, especially Americans. Mostly used on animal shoes, Japan and South Korea also like to wear this kind of bottom, because this kind of bottom is very slip-resistant because its silent effect is also used in many high-end hotels and hospitals. Soft, lightweight, and non-slip.

4. Cloth bottom

There are many types of cloth bottoms, useful for suede, useful for canvas, and mop fleece that can mop the floor, slippers at the bottom, slippers at the bottom are suitable for wooden floors, soft and comfortable, very easy to clean, most of them throw directly Just put it in the washing machine.


It is a process synthesized after the EVA bottom is covered with a layer of leather. The sole of the outer stitching shoes is also mostly made of this material. Like plastic cloth, EVA, cloth bottom, PVC bottom is mostly used in Japanese and Korean slippers.

At present, economic hotels usually use EVA soles. Mid- to high-end hotels will choose slippers with TPR, PVC, and fabric soles according to their needs.

The material of the hotel disposable slippers has good breathability and water absorption, making them stand out in hotels, spas, and beauty clinics. We also provide professional OEM services. We can customize colors, logos, and materials according to your requirements. We can also Provide flip-flops, open-toe slippers, and closed-toe slippers, fully meet your different needs.


Of course, if you need low-cost and more practical slippers, we also provide non-woven slippers as an alternative to towel slippers. These slippers are more suitable for small hotels with tight budgets or large hotels that want to cut costs. Let us help you find the best hotel disposable slipper for your needs. Contact us today or visit our website.