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How to Judge the Quality of Hotel Disposable Slippers?

May. 28, 2020

Disposable slippers are the products with the highest usage rate of disposable products in hotels. After all, many people will bring toiletries, but slippers will not be brought, and hotel slippers are also very comfortable. How to judge the quality of hotel disposable slippers when purchasing? Women Hotel Slipper supplier shares for you:

1. All materials of Disposable Slippers For Hotel

According to relevant statistics, there are dozens of materials for disposable slippers in hotels and hotels. Different materials and different fabrics make the slippers feel different after they are put on. The softer the quality, the better.

2. The thickness of customized size hotel slipper

In addition to the different materials of hotel disposable slippers, there is also a big gap in thickness. Slippers with a larger thickness will have a better texture, and of course, the customer experience will be better. The thickness of disposable slippers used in hotels has a direct relationship with the price of hotel rooms.

3. Shading of hotel disposable slippers

There are many shading styles of disposable slippers in hotels. The function of the shading design of disposable slippers is mainly for anti-skid. The rougher the shading, the more obvious the better the anti-skid effect. When purchasing disposable slippers for hotels, you can purchase some slippers with more obvious shading and better anti-skid effect.

Disposable Slippers For Hotel

Disposable Slippers For Hotel

4. The price of hotel disposable slippers

The different materials, thickness, and shading of the hotel's disposable slippers directly cause the price of the hotel's disposable slippers. The overall quality of the hotel's disposable slippers directly determines the level of the hotel's disposable slippers. The disposable slippers with the higher unit prices and higher prices are much higher than those with lower prices in terms of material, thickness, and shading degree of shading.

When purchasing hotel disposable slippers, you need to not only guarantee the quality of the hotel's disposable slippers but also need to think about which class or price range of hotel disposable slippers to purchase according to the room price of your hotel time.