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Wholesale Hotel Slippers

hotel Slippers for all Occasions

We provide super soft terry cloth slippers. These hotel slippers are made of terry cotton and velvet. The standard color is white, but we can also provide you with more colors according to your requirements.

The high-end hotel slippers are suitable for spas or luxury hotels. They can provide guests with a warm and comfortable feeling while hanging out and relaxing. The material of the slippers has good breathability and water absorption, making it stand out in hotels, spas and beauty clinics. We also provide professional OEM services. We can customize colors, logos and materials according to your requirements. We can also Provide flip-flops, open-toe slippers and closed-toe slippers, fully meet your different needs.

Of course, if you need low-cost and more practical slippers, we also provide non-woven slippers as an alternative to towel slippers. These slippers are more suitable for small hotels with tight budgets or large hotels that want to cut costs.