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Hotels Will Drive the Continued Development of the Hotel Supplies Market

Jun. 15, 2020

The hotel amenity manufacturer shares this article for you.

With the improvement of people's living standards, tourism and leisure, civilized exchanges, and economic exchanges have unfolded from time to time, and the demand for hotel accommodation, catering, entertainment has also increased from time to time, providing a rare opportunity for the integration and development of the hotel supplies industry. When people choose hotels, they no longer simply think about location, effectiveness, price standards, etc., room design, brand generality, and civilized characteristics have also become important factors influencing customers' choice of hotels. Especially nowadays, many room designs should highlight the regional characteristics or express the concept of civilization, so that the owner away from home has a sense of belonging and happiness. At this time, hotel room supplies will become important things that affect the owner's emotions, and decide their next consumption choice. In recent years, Chinese hotel supplies companies have developed rapidly, and from time to time they have intensified research and development of commodities, and international superior resources have been effectively lost. In the course of innovation, foreign advanced consumer equipment and processes are introduced from time to time, and they are lost in the structure of commodities and the level of consumer technology. At the same time, the hotel supplies segment has gradually expanded, trying to meet the diversified market requirements. But as far as the development of China's hotel supplies industry is concerned, it is currently an imperfectly developed industry in our country. Unlike the apparel industry, steel, cement, and other industries that have their own incomplete order, there are still some shortages in China's hotel supplies industry.

First of all, from the perspective of the technical level, the manufacturing equipment of international enterprises is dominated by ordinary hotel supplies, and the commodity level is low. Only ordinary enterprises have consumption conditions and technology. Commodity variety, design and development, application level, and even the formulation of commodity standards are relatively lagging, especially in the independent development of intelligent and other high-end hotel supplies commodities are not strong.

Second, from the perspective of talent and technology investment, there is a lack of scientific and technological talents, especially a lack of technology leaders. In terms of investment in scientific research, the economic benefits of state-owned enterprises are relatively low, and the lack of investment in basic seminars, technological breakthroughs, and new product development directly affects the improvement of innovative talents. Most private enterprises are in the initial stage of development, and their technological development is weak. Third, from the perspective of commodity structure, the commodity structure is unreasonable. The market demand for high-end and hotel supplies is still heavily dependent on exports, while ordinary hotel supplies have seen a low level of blind competition and low efficiency. The development of some varieties is weak, the technology content is low, it does not constitute scale benefits and brand advantages, and it lacks a specialized consumption and socialized supporting system. Assuming that these achievements can lose the industry's views and attention, and be properly handled, the hotel supplies industry will have a qualitative leap. It is very advantageous for the hotel industry to develop the hotel supplies industry from time to time. According to statistics, the number of hotels is growing at a rate of 13% per year. The addition of hotels will definitely drive the development of the hotel supplies industry. As my country's political, economic, civilized, and international exchange center, it is not only an important tourist city of charm but also an important gathering place for business meetings. In the promotion of tourism, hotel and catering industry development, consumption promotion and energy conservation and environmental protection are important strategic objectives.

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