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How to Choose Disposable Slippers?

Feb. 23, 2021

Plastic slippers that can be worn repeatedly used to occupy the mainstream, but with the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for hygiene have gradually increased. Disposable slippers are gradually replacing plastic slippers in hotels and restaurants.

Why should you choose disposable slippers?

Because it has better hygiene, waterproof and anti-slip properties and aeration. Due to the various features of disposable slippers planning, disposable slippers have various advantages, such as ventilation, waterproof and non-slip, water absorption and so on. In this way, the disposable slippers will play a non-slip and other effects when worn. Although the production of disposable slippers is relatively simple, the cost is low, but its comfort, softness, etc. is not in doubt, wear it is very comfortable.

According to the survey, today there are some hotels that do not provide disposable slippers but can be repeatedly worn plastic slippers so that although the hotel saves costs, but also may bring a variety of diseases because of health problems, greatly reducing the guest's goodwill towards the hotel, it is difficult to fight for repeat customers. In today's experience-oriented world, hotel managers must not lose a lot for a small reason, and it is quite important to choose disposable slippers that meet the positioning of their hotels.

Disposable Slippers


How to choose disposable slippers?


At present, there are also some media reports about guests slipping in disposable slippers in hotels and claiming compensation. This is actually also related to the slippers chosen by the hotel. Most of the disposable slippers on the market are made of non-woven fabric or paper, the soles are plastic, with a thin layer of sponge in the middle, divided into non-slip and non-slip, it is recommended that the hotel should choose a relatively thicker sole when purchasing, with a non-slip groove, so that it is not easy for the guests to slip, but also to reduce disputes and less trouble.

Hotel slippers are one of the necessary supplies for hotel disposables. In fact, there are many kinds of disposable slippers. Mainly based on the fabric classification, a value from low to high for, non-woven, velvet, pulling plush, short plush, towel, cut velvet, waffle. Generally speaking, small hotels and motels, etc., more use of non-woven slippers. Velvet, pulling pile, short pile, general mid-range hotels with more. And the best material is a towel, towel slippers can be used for guests in the winter because it has good insulation, in the waterproof, water-absorbent performance also exceeds other materials, basically used in more than 3-star hotels.