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Which Hotel Amenities and Services Are the Most Popular among Global?

Feb. 07, 2021

Any hotel should know which hotel amenities and services are the most popular among global travellers! Hotel investors have this data to more accurately understand the preference points of global travellers, so they can improve to make hotel amenities and services close to perfection! Next, the hotel amenities manufacturer  will take you through the hotel facility and service survey data!

Free Internet Access Anytime, Anywhere - Top Demand of Over 70% of Chinese Business Travelers

Whether it's for leisure or business travel, free Wi-Fi seems to be the top consideration for global travellers when choosing the ideal hotel amenities and services. 

Thirty percent of global travellers surveyed cite free Wi-Fi as a must-have amenity when choosing a hotel for leisure travel. More data shows that free Wi-Fi is even more important among Chinese travellers, with nearly half (46%) of those surveyed considering ready access to the Internet as their top priority when choosing a hotel.


This need is even more pronounced in business travel, where 50% of global business travellers consider free Wi-Fi to be a must-have hotel amenity for business travel, with over 70% of Chinese respondents.

As public Wi-Fi hotspots are added and mobile data packages are enhanced, travellers' reliance on hotel Wi-Fi is expected to decrease each year.

Hotel Amenities

In-Hotel Taste Buds Experience - Fresh fruit is a must for nearly half of Chinese travellers at hotel breakfast

In the eyes of leisure travellers, free breakfast is the second most important hotel amenity after free internet, with 21% of global respondents choosing it; while in the eyes of business travellers, the more important thing is the convenience of transportation near the hotel and the proximity to restaurants and stores, with free breakfast taking a backseat to the third.

Fresh fruit, coffee and tea were the top breakfast choices for global travellers (16%), followed by meat and eggs (12%), and bread/toast and delicious juice (8%). Of particular note is the fact that fresh fruit is an essential food item on the breakfast table for Chinese travellers, with nearly half (47%) of respondents choosing it.


In hotel rooms, high-end coffee machines are the most popular modern in-room amenity among global travellers, with 23 percent.

Among some of the simpler hotel amenities and services, 33% of global travellers would like to see free bottled water spread to more hotels.

Among all non-technology amenities and services, 27 percent of global respondents said they would like to see free breakfast spread to all hotels, with in-room refrigerators available for personal use coming in second with 15 percent of the vote. Only 3 percent of respondents said they would be comfortable with hotels not offering free breakfast if it would reduce their room rates.

When it comes to additional services or amenities they would be most willing to try in high-end or luxury hotels, a chocolate gift box for bedtime is the most popular, with more than 30% of global respondents choosing this option.