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How to Use Soap(Part 2)

Aug. 15, 2020

Three reasons to use soap

1. The weather gradually gets hot. Acidic dirt such as oil, dead keratinocytes and dust on the skin can easily block pores. The cleansing ability of weak plant soap can solve these annoying problems.

2. The price of plant soap is reasonable, and another major advantage is that it is particularly durable.

3. When you use soap to make bubbles, you will be satisfied with the warmth of rejuvenation.

Using sodium fatty acid and other surfactants as main raw materials, adding quality and appearance modifiers, the soap product is made after processing and shaping, which is a kind of daily consumer goods and can only be used for washing clothes.

It is difficult to see the quality of soap from the appearance. When choosing, it is mainly based on price and actual experience to distinguish the grade. The high-end soap has a fine and dense texture, rich foam, rich and pleasant fragrance, and makes people feel very refreshing after use. Pay attention to the trademark on the package when purchasing, and there should be the manufacturer and factory address.

 White Soap

Pay attention to the following points when using soap products:

1. Facial soap is best to choose light-colored soap with fragrance or less pigment and slightly weaker alkalinity, because the skin is very sensitive to ultraviolet rays if the skin is stimulated by fragrance or pigment for a long time; while soap with too strong alkalinity can sting the skin , Can cause many allergic skin diseases.

2. Infants and young children are best to choose special soap for babies, and should not be used frequently, because the main component of soap, sodium fatty acid or other surfactants, more or less contain free alkali components, which can harm the tender skin of babies to a certain extent. Therefore, it is not appropriate to use soap for babies frequently.

3. To use medicated soaps, you must choose those with long-term deodorizing, broad-spectrum sterilization, and low skin irritation, such as sulfur soap and borax soap.

4. Use soap products. Because the soap raw materials contain unsaturated fatty acids, they will be oxidized by oxygen, light, microorganisms, etc., and sometimes rancidity will occur, and the moisture in the soap will also be lost, affecting its own use effect.

5. You should understand the nature of your skin when using soap to clean your face or bathe. For example, dry skin is best to choose oil-rich soap, which has the effect of keeping skin moisture, cleansing and moisturizing; oily skin should choose soap with good oil removal effect.

The information is provided by hotel soap wholesaler.