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How to Use Soap(Part 1)

Aug. 06, 2020

Plant weak acid soap has a softening effect; while plant weak alkali soap has two functions of protection and cleaning, and plant weak alkali has a slippery feeling. For example, in summer, when you sweat a lot, your body will emit sour taste and bacteria are easy to multiply. Therefore, you can't use weak acid soap for washing. You should choose soap containing weak plant alkali for washing to neutralize the pH of the skin.

It is often heard that “washing your face with soap must be rinsed off to avoid soap residue on the skin.” Indeed, if you use strong acid and alkali soap, the strong acid and alkali remain on the skin, and the skin will lose its balance due to acid-base state, and gradually become sensitive and rough. When washing our face, we should avoid using industrial strong acid and strong alkali soaps. We should choose soft plant acidic or alkaline soaps, and choose them reasonably according to our skin's physique.

Don't worry about weak alkaline soaps damaging your skin. Even if you use weak alkaline soaps for normal skin, you can keep your skin shiny. Soaking in the weakly alkaline hot springs, the hot spring water will slowly soften the stratum corneum and make the skin shiny, and shiny is the best proof.

But for skin with the thick cortex, plant weak acid soap must be used. Because the skin of this kind of person is thickened by long-term friction, using plant weak acid soap is their best choice to remove thickened keratin; normal skin is not necessary.

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Four major attention

1. Although the soap base content of the new type of cleansing soap is greatly reduced, due to the special nature of the soap, it occasionally feels tight after being useful. However, because the skin has the ability to self-regulate, usually after half an hour, the sebum secretion is even, and the discomfort will disappear automatically. This is the normal metabolism of the skin, so there is no need to be overly stressed.

2. In order to minimize irritation, it is best to apply the rubber foam to the face instead of directly applying soap to the face. In addition, the time that the foam stays on the face is best controlled within one minute and then rinsed off with cold water, and timely use toner for further cleansing and nourishment.

3. Use a soapbox with a sink to place the soap to avoid soaking in water and cause unnecessary waste.

4. If the soap becomes soft, it may be caused by the excessively high indoor temperature and excessive humidity, which caused the gradual melting of some of the ingredients in the soap, so just put it in normal room temperature.

The information is provided by a shower dispenser supplier.