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Market Development of Disposable Soap

Sep. 04, 2020

In detergents, there is still a certain market demand for fragrance soaps. From the comprehensive consideration of all aspects, fragrance soaps and soaps are by no means fleeting products and should be developed and improved accordingly.

Soap classification: Ordinary soap, gift soap, functional soap, transparent soap

"Ordinary plant weak alkali soap" is pure and mild, non-irritating, effectively moisturizing the skin, providing sufficient nutrition and moisture to the skin, long-lasting fragrance, suitable for any skin.

"Crafts Gift Soap" uses natural plant essence ingredients, has a long-lasting fragrance, and has moisturizing and cleansing effects. Fashionable and lovely, it is an excellent gift combination.

Biodegradable Soap

"Functional soap" is rich in mint active substances and has a special cooling sensation. It can reduce inflammation, sterilize, promote cell regeneration, soften skin, and balance oil secretion. Therefore, it is valuable for skin in any state. It can clean the skin, disinfect and antibacterial, avoid infection, promote the rapid healing of acne and small wounds, prevent scars, and can moisturize, suppress oil, and constrict pores. It is very suitable for conditioning skin prone to acne or large pores. Soothes irritated skin discomfort, gently softens oily, dry, and purulent skin, and purifies the skin gently and safely. It relieves itchy, inflamed, burned skin.

"Transparent soap" is a transparent soap that can wash clothes.

Transparent soap uses refined very light-colored oils, such as tallow, coconut oil, palm oil, and castor oil, and other raw materials. In addition, ethanol, glycerin, and sucrose are added as transparent agents. There are two methods for making transparent soap: the solvent method and mechanism method. The solvent method is made by boiling oil and saponification in ethanol aqueous solution, adding the agent and pouring into the soapbox, and making the solid soap after air drying and aging at room temperature. The mechanism method is to quickly cool the soap base from 100°C to 20°C within 2s to obtain soap noodles, add a transparent agent and then mill it many times to make a transparent soap at an appropriate temperature. The content of fatty acid sodium soap in transparent soap is relatively low, generally 38%-9%.

The information is provided by the hotel soaps factory.