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How to Reduce the Consumption of Disposable Hotel Supplies(Part 2)

Aug. 27, 2020

The current hotel adopts a short-term inventory forecasting method, that is: according to the usage of the previous month and the reservation situation of this month, the purchased quantity of one-off items for this month is determined. The general cycle is one or two months, not more than three months. The advantage of the short-term inventory forecasting method is to reduce the inventory, the liquidity is more flexible, and will not cause the deterioration and expiration of some items that are not easy to keep. When purchasing, control the quantity of some perishable items in order to reduce the rate of item damage. In the off-season and peak seasons, the purchase of disposable items is differentiated by time. In the off-season, purchase fewer items and purchase in advance during the peak season. This can free up part of the working capital for other purposes in the financial sector, and there will be no shortage of goods and soaring prices during peak seasons.

Attention should also be paid to the storage of disposable items. The second-level warehouse of the housekeeping department should try to choose a relatively dry place to store the items. The hotel once placed the second-level warehouse of the guest room department in the basement, which is rather improper and is unfavorable for the storage of items. In June, soap became moldy and matches became damp and could not be used.

Rectangular Hotel Soap

In addition to the above objective factors that can reduce the use of disposable products, there are several control methods for these consumables as follows:

1. Identify the responsible person. The authority to receive disposable supplies will be returned to the foremen in each region, and it is stipulated that they will be picked up at the secondary warehouse once a week. The foremen of each area will receive them according to the leftover items in each building and the reservation situation next week.

2. Allocate according to the standard. The amount of equipment in each workshop is based on the average amount of items in a week as a fixed storage amount, and 10% of the allocation is allocated to the designated area as a mobile.

3. Strict application system. The person in charge of each area must fill in the balance of each item of last week when picking up the items, and register the number of items picked up this week in detail, and sign for confirmation.

4. Implement a reward and punishment system. According to the monthly actual occupancy of each building, the actual use of disposable items in each building is counted, and the use of disposable items in the hotel is equipped with the standard. If it exceeds 10% of the standard equipment, a penalty will be given. At the end of the year, count the number of applications and actual usage in the whole year, and 10%-15% of the saved amount will be given to employees as rewards.

5. Timely inventory. Implement a small market a week and a large one-month system to keep abreast of the consumption of all items.

6. All management personnel should do a good job of saving and reusing materials, making the best use of materials, and exerting their maximum utilization value.

I believe that with the efforts of all parties, the consumption of disposable products will be reduced. Achieve scientific management, strengthen environmental protection, improve service quality, and reduce hotel cost investment.

The above information is provided by the hotel amenities manufacturer.