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Talking about the Main Ingredients of Toothpaste

Sep. 10, 2020

With the continuous development of the current social economy, people's living standards have also been continuously improved, so people's travel industry has become a part of their lives, and people like to take a walk-and-go trip. So now the hotel has become a place for them to travel and live, of course, the supplies in the hotel are constantly updated, from simple to beautiful design, and the quality is constantly improving. The hotel disposable amenities are a very important thing for customers. We have beautiful outer packaging, and the quality of each product is very good, all of which are green and environmentally friendly, so we have won unanimous praise from customers.

Toothpaste is no stranger to everyone. Toothpaste is a necessity in our lives. It is used to clean our oral cleaning products, but few people understand the main ingredients of toothpaste. Let us introduce to you what are the main ingredients of toothpaste.

Hotel Disposable Amenities

(1) The friction agent is the most content ingredient in toothpaste (about 25%-60%), which is used to strengthen the friction and decontamination ability of toothpaste and polish the tooth surface. The friction agent must have a certain friction effect, but it must not damage the tooth surface and periodontal tissue, nor can it interact with the medicine in the toothpaste. In particular, the friction agent of fluoride toothpaste requires compatibility with fluoride ions and can maintain the activity of fluoride ions. In addition, the fineness and particle shape of the friction agent can affect the quality of the paste.

(2) The cleaning agent is also called a surface-active agent. It has the function of reducing surface tension and can penetrate and loosen tooth surface dirt, making it emulsified or suspo-emulsified, which can be easily scrubbed from the tooth surface by toothbrush and abrasive, Spit it out with the mouthwash. Surfactants can produce foam when brushing teeth, which is convenient for cleaning the tooth surface. In addition, it also has a slight sterilization effect and has good compatibility with friction agents. Excessive use of cleanser will significantly reduce the fragrance of toothpaste.

(3) The main function of the wetting agent is to prevent the paste from drying and becoming hard (especially the hard knot at the mouth of the tube which is not easy to extrude), and to maintain the bright appearance of the paste. And can lower the freezing point of the paste, so that the toothpaste can be used normally in cold areas. The wetting agent has a great influence on the colloidal part of the paste, so only the proper amount can be made into an ideal product with good stability and excellent spreading when brushing teeth.

(4) It also contains fragrances, which are cleverly proportioned with various spices, carefully prepared, and added to toothpaste to make the brusher feel refreshed and comfortable, and help reduce bad breath. The fragrance of toothpaste is an important indicator of which toothpaste consumers choose.

The above information is provided by the hotel amenity manufacturer.