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The Knowledge of the Hotel Toothbrush and Elements Of Purchase?

May. 04, 2020

Disposable hotel supplies mainly have the following products: comb, disposable razor, hotel supplies soap bath cap, shampoo. Shoe polisher, sewing bag, cup cover, sterilized seal, garbage bag.Matches, label pens, soft tissue paper, etc.

The disposable toothbrush has become a standard in star hotels, the quality of the toothbrush, in fact, also related to the hotel experience. So, how to choose and buy custom hotel bamboo toothbrush?

Disposable Toothbrush points according to handle's material, can be divided into bamboo toothbrush hotel, hard plastic Toothbrush; According to the toothbrush to distinguish, can be divided into bamboo fiber biodegradable green composite bristles, sharpened silk toothbrush, nylon toothbrush, elm silk toothbrush, imitation nylon toothbrush, silk (acrylic) toothbrush;

According to the style of a toothbrush, there are mainly serpentine toothbrushes, leaf toothbrushes, mermaid toothbrushes, curved toothbrushes, frosted crest toothbrushes, half-round crest toothbrushes, large flat toothbrushes, penguin toothbrushes, shoe-drawn toothbrushes, Roman column toothbrushes, etc.

How to distinguish toothbrush materials?

Mentioned above, the toothbrush material is mainly divided into soft plastic and hard plastic, so how to distinguish the two materials? Here for you to provide a simple and practical method: you can put a toothbrush in the way of free fall to the ground if the toothbrush fell to the sound of a clear and high bounce, then the material of the toothbrush handle is hard plastic; On the contrary, if a toothbrush does not bounce off the ground or make a clear sound, it is soft and plastic. The handle of the bamboo toothbrush USES the original ecological origin of the fine bamboo raw materials, the naked eye can distinguish.

Bamboo Toothbrush Hotel

Bamboo Toothbrush Hotel

Two, different soft plastic and hard plastic material toothbrush in the quality of the difference

Soft plastic and hard plastic materials are derived to meet the market needs of different styles. Specific styles can only use fixed raw materials. There is no difference in quality between the two materials.

How to distinguish between bristles and toothbrushes?

Toothbrush head shape is not smooth, sharp Angle or toothbrush bristles have sharp Angle, burr, etc., are likely to cause oral soft tissue and tooth surface injury. Generally speaking, the disposable toothbrushes provided by the hotel are divided into nylon bristles, sharpened bristles, special toothbrushes, etc. According to the strength of the points, it can be divided into soft wool, hard wool three. Among them, the soft toothbrush cost a little higher, better quality. Purchase can feel the feel of the toothbrush knead up.

Four, check whether from the regular manufacturers

It is understood that the disposable toothbrush supplied to the hotel should meet the requirements of hygiene, safety, physical performance, and other aspects. In terms of hygiene, disposable toothbrushes must be packaged. Brush handle, the brush head should not be decolorized. All parts of the toothbrush should be clean, with no dirt. In terms of safety, there are regulations on the shape of the head and the tail of the handle to prevent unnecessary harm to the mouth, hands, or other parts. The content of mercury, arsenic, lead, and other heavy metals in the toothbrush is not allowed to exceed the standard, otherwise, it will cause harm to the human body. In addition, the bristles of the bristles at the top of the monofilament outline must be removed sharp angles, and the toothbrush must be ground to prevent damage to the oral soft tissue and tooth surface.

According to the requirements, the toothbrush hair monofilaments top outline must be removed acute Angle, and should not burr. But the person that purchases cannot be judged with the naked eye commonly because this needs to see the producer name address that marks above disposable goods and number, see whether from the normal manufacturer. General luxury hotels will provide better reputation brand higher end disposable items toiletries.

The quality of the toothbrush is directly related to the guests' oral health, reflecting the quality of the hotel's service, so as a hotel procurement staff in the purchase of a toothbrush must remember to choose carefully.

We are the hotel amenity manufacturer. Our company provides high-quality disposable items for hotels. Our customized hotel bamboo toothbrushes are not only strong in toughness and wear resistance, but also have unique resilience.Soft and smooth. Moreover, it is a fully biodegradable toothbrush, which meets the current requirements of green, environmental protection, and low carbon.