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What Are the Amenities of a 5 Star Hotel?

Aug. 23, 2021

A five-star hotel is one that offers its guests the highest level of luxury through personalized service, extensive hotel amenities, and exquisite accommodations. While there is no standard rating system for hotels, hotels earn five-star honors by providing guests with experiences that meet or exceed the highest expectations for comfort, decor, and luxury.


Five-star hotel criteria

While a luxury hotel may have many of the characteristics of a five-star hotel, a true five-star hotel should meet all of the following.


Five-star service

The staff of a five-star hotel should be courteous, attentive, discreet, and anticipate the needs of guests. In short, consistent excellence is the expectation.


Independent concierge staff available at least 16 hours a day

High staff-to-room ratios - ideally higher than 2.5 multilingual staff

24-hour front desk, room service, valet parking, housekeeping, doorman

Daily housekeeping service is also available upon request at all times

Hotel Amenities Set

Hotel Amenities Set 

Laundry, ironing, dry cleaning, and shoe shine

Guest elevators are separate from staff elevators.

Luggage storage where guests cannot see their luggage

Premium restaurant and separate lounge and/or bar

Shuttle and executive or caravan



5-star in-room amenities

Electric safe

Laundry bag

Full body mirror with lighting

A flat-screen TV with international programming

Stocked minibar

Selected daily newspapers

Wireless Internet

Professional night lighting

At least four types of spa treatments

Sockets for personal electronics, especially USB plugs

Custom Hotel Slipper

Custom Hotel Slippers

Five-star comfort

Rooms must be luxurious and inviting - especially the bed. (Ideally, a memory foam bed with high thread count sheets)

Bathrobes, hotel slippers, luxury hotel toiletries, and large, soft towels

Night lighting in walking areas and bathrooms

Poolside sofa beds, umbrellas, lotions, ice water, waiters, and food and beverage service


The meaning of five-star hotels

As more and more hotels strive for five-star quality, we expect to see the best of them raise the bar on luxury. The following will soon be the standard for all five-star hotels.


Communication with hotel staff via text or app

Remote access to room lighting, climate, and "Do Not Disturb"

Upgraded coffee machines

Smart TV functionality with access to streaming services

Bluetooth-enabled door locks

 JETWAY Hotel Amenities SET

7-star hotels

What does a 7-star hotel mean?

A 7-star hotel is the most luxurious hotel in the world. Officially there is no classification for 7-star hotels and the 7-star term hotel is often described rather as a marketing gimmick than a hotel classification or rating as it is blatantly agreed not to be appointed by a specific body according to the relevant criteria.


More recently, hotels have earned this designation themselves in order to further distinguish themselves and use words to describe a level of excessive luxury not found in traditional five-star hotels. While guidelines do not exist - is located in a building that is significant or representative of the area in which it is located is common to 7-star hotels (i.e. not seen for smaller boutique hotels, resorts, or lodges).

Hotel Classifications

One-star hotels

Two-star hotels

Three-star hotels

Four-star hotels

Five-star Hotels

AAA Five Diamond Award

Boutique Hotels

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