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Do You Know What Else Soap Is Used for?

Jan. 18, 2021

Soap this we often use, usually washing hands and bathing with, feel that they are self-perfumed, although it will not last as long as perfume, not only for cleaning the skin, there are many aspects can be used, do you know what other uses? Hotel soap wholesaler will tell you.


The method is very simple, prepare a basin of warm water with a little temperature, and then hand soap in the water scrubbing until the water becomes light white, and then use a rag dipped in a little bit of soapy water, evenly wipe the bathroom mirror or a glass place, glasses can also be.

After wiping and then drying, even if there is heat, the top will not be fogged up, for more heat in the bathroom, this method is really useful.

2.Check for gas leaks 

The gas pipes at home is the need for regular inspection, although some must be operated by professionals to do, but there are some aspects of the fact that we can do it themselves, such as checking whether there is a gas leak, is to use a little water to add crushed soap to stir out the dense bubbles, and then pick a little bubble on some of the interface location of the pipe, if the basic static after putting on, or that There is no change, then this is no air leakage, if the bubble on top will become larger, then it is likely that there is a leak, which will need to be repaired as soon as possible, this method can detect the kind of very small, basically can not feel the leak.

Hotel Soap

3. To odor

The sweet smell of soap, soothing taste than some air fresheners smell more comfortable, so as a product to remove odor is also possible, prepare a small bag, and then cut it into some small pieces into a cloth bag inside, these can be hung in some places where there may be odor, such as the kitchen, closet, are available, although the smell may be emitted more slowly, but the taste will also be comfortable some.


Sometimes the clothes zipper is not good, easy to pull, with soap corner in the zipper slide a few times, and then pull a few zippers, you can feel the obvious smooth much better, the key is not good to open the lock can also be used in this way, the key to grind a few soap on the line, because there is some grease within the soap, can play a smooth role, and this will not have residue, wash with water can be cleaned off.

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