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Who is the Cosmetic Brand Coming out of the Hotel?

Jan. 12, 2021

When traveling, there are always people who dislike those "never heard of brand" toiletries in the hotel bathroom. The more in the details to reflect the high sense of the hotel, the more will be in the bathroom vanity on the appearance of some recognition brand is not high. Do not look down on them, these hotel toiletries may be very niche, but each of them are famous, definitely worth taking away.

What is the origin of JETWAY?

We are Chinese-based supplier, focusing on hotel amenities Design & Manufacture. Since 2001, JETWAY has been one of the biggest hotel amenity manufacturers in China. With professional design and excellent sales team, working with hundreds of importers & distributors all over the world, we provide them with the best-quality products and innovative designs.

Luxury Hotel Toiletries Amenities Set Wholesale

What does it have to do with the hotel industry?

Almost all of you who like to travel have enjoyed the comfort and service of five-star hotels. Try to remember, when you walked into your room, were you attracted by the chic and compact toiletries in some hotels? Yes, many similar toiletries are from JETWAY.

JETWAY has a standardized plant of 50,000 square meters, include workshops for Hotel Cosmetics, Soaps, PET bottles, PE tubes and Slippers etc. Our production lines already cover 80% of hotel room supplies, well above the industry average of 30%. Among them, cosmetics production workshop has obtained GMP certificate, and it can meet the high-end production needs of customers in various countries.

Every year, we have new plans, and we accurately invest them in maintaining and upgrading our workshop and production equipment. And only in this way can we improve the proportion of production automation and innovation ability, so as to ensure that we will not lag behind the pace of industry development.

Why Choose Us?

We will always be committed to providing all-round services and support to our customers to ensure that they remain competitive in their respective markets.

1.Free design service , provide you with quick products, advertising design, and photographing.

2.Free samples for your hotel clients to confirm, reduce the order risk.

3.Low MOQ, decline your stock pressure.Customized products with hotel logo.

4.20-30 days lead time, to be faster than your competitor.Custom clearance support.

5.Different quality and price of products for your choice, cover all level of hotels.

6.Guaranteed quality, own production and strict quality control.Exhibition support, free samples and advertising material.

7.Sourcing support for related hotel products, we have 17 years of experience and network in this industry.

If you want to know more information about wholesale luxury hotel toiletries sets, please contact us.