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During The Pandemic Changes To Hotel Facilities

May. 22, 2021

The hotels that remained open during the pandemic had to make some changes - and most of those changes are still in effect. Handwashing stations were plentiful, with reminder signs on the floor and walls to keep your distance and a maximum of one person or "family unit" per stairway ride.

The aspects of hotel accommodations that guests took for granted prior to the pandemic have been completely changed or eliminated. At this time, it is uncertain whether some of these changes will continue after the pandemic subsides.

Let's look at how hotels have changed their hotel amenities in the past year. Next, the hotel amenities supplier will share with you.

Interior Changes

Anyone who has been staying in a hotel since the beginning of the pandemic has noticed changes in their room.

Foldable Hotel Toothbrush

 Foldable Hotel Toothbrush

Things like decorative pillows and tableware have been completely removed and plastic is everywhere, whether it's plastic-wrapped plastic cups instead of wine glasses or plastic-wrapped TV remotes, in an effort to reduce contact between housekeeping staff and guests. such as disposable razor, disposable hotel shower cap comb, foldable hotel toothbrush, etc.


Interestingly, many hotels have chosen to remove pens and notepads from their rooms. Some maintain pens in the room, but they are also wrapped in plastic. As a regular hotel guest (at least until the pandemic), I was disappointed by the lack of pens in hotel rooms. Regardless of the price of the hotel I stayed at, this was one of the things I looked forward to every time.


Studies over the past few months have shown that COVID-19 does not spread on surfaces, so it will be interesting to see how hotels react as the industry recovers. I have no qualms about replacing the TV remote with a system that can be controlled by scanning a QR code on the screen for attributes, but I certainly have items like wine glasses, ice buckets, pens, and paper ready to return to the hotel.

Plexiglass reduced human interaction

One of the hallmarks of the pandemic era is of course the rise of plexiglass partitions - at check-in counters, restaurants, and bars, etc.

Of course, they are designed to slow down or completely stop the spread of potentially harmful aerosols that spread when people talk and interact in close quarters.


While reducing human interaction isn't always popular in all hotels, it seems that some hotel brands are betting that guests will continue to be satisfied as certain interactions are replaced by machines. Marriott, for example, just shared details of two programs that are beginning to roll out at some select-service hotels. It adds automated self-check-in kiosks, as well as vending machines that sell food (even hot breakfast items), beverages, and more items paid for with contactless payment systems.

And major hotel chains have enhanced their mobile apps to enable guests to complete tasks such as checking in, unlocking rooms, and checking out from their smartphones.

The pandemic has changed what hotels offer and what is expected of them. As the industry picks up and more and more people return to hotels across the country and around the world, properties everywhere will have to start deciding on a new normal for hotels.


We don't know yet what that will look like, but hotel guests everywhere may expect that things won't exactly go back to the way they were before the pandemic. Some of these lasting changes may prove to be positive overall, but at least from now on, all signs point to a reduction in people's interactions and the automation of processes for tasks that used to be done in a person is the future.

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